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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

• Week of Nov 24th-28th  No School
• Dec. 1                Resume classes
• Dec. 9                Winter Concert
• Dec. 12              Early Dismissal
• Dec. 21              Winter Wonderland Dance

No School  November 24-28th
Due to a combination of teacher inservice days and the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no school for students the week of November 24th-28th. School will resume on Monday December 1st.

Morning Drop Off
Morning Drop Off in our back parking lot has become congested into the main roadway. To alleviate this problem, we thank you for pulling as far ahead as possible to let your child out in the pull-off lane beside the sidewalk. The small circle is for handicap drop off only. For safety reasons, students should not be dropped off in the main parking lot thoroughfare to cross traffic. Thank you!

Please watch our school drop-off video at to learn more.

The RBMS School Store is open for business on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Make sure you bring in your change for a great bargain!!

40 Book Challenge
Students were challenged to read 40 books throughout the school year - that means 10 books per quarter...... are you on track? We now will be posting your progress! And if you enjoy reading a nice long novel, over 350 pages will count as 2 books! So, with the beginning of Quarter 2,  pick up your IR book and read on!

Powerschool Login
Logging in for the first time? Read This.

And remember, you can check attendance, grades, daily announcements, and set up automatic emails through this interactive website.

PowerSchool is an important resource for parents. Information is available there regarding grades, class work, attendance, and more. Parents can easily contact teachers and administrators with any questions or concerns. The Daily Bulletin lists current and upcoming activities. Please use this resource to check in on what's happening in your child's class and school.

School Year Office Hours:
Reeds Brook Office Open:  7:00 a.m-2:30 p.m. daily
Cancellations due to inclement weather can happen with little warning. Please remember when school is not in session due to weather Adult Education classes will not be held.

Reeds Brook has an Instagram account! Our username for the Instagram account is  RBMS_Rebels

Sick Child or an Appointment?
Just a reminder for all parents and guardians, if your child is ill or has an appointment and will be coming into school late, please remember to give us a call at 862-3540.

Hello Reeds Brook parents! We had a very busy fall season and we are looking forward to winter sports starting up! 
RBABC needs someone to volunteer to organize the basketball concessions. We have many willing volunteers to work, but we need one person (or a team) to handle the set up and inventory for home games this winter. We already have some stock available for the first games, but hopefully there will be a need for more as the season progresses! Even if your student doesn't play basketball, please consider taking on this job - it's very important but you will have lots of help and support.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the very generous folks who donated items for soccer concessions. Thanks to you, RBABC made more than $500 over our short season of home games!

Our Halloween Dance was incredibly successful and from the sound of it, the kids had a blast! Profits from the Halloween Dance (both admissions and the concessions) totaled more than $1600.00. Many thanks to the hard-working parents who donated their time to help organize, decorate, set-up, chaperone and clean up after - all the kids that we spoke to said it was lots of fun!

Our first ever Fall Bazaar was a fun event that went very well. We had 10 vendors participate, lots of delicious baked goods and hot food donated, as well as LOTS of used books and sporting goods. Those that came and shopped got some incredible deals, and RBABC made a little over $1300.

As of now, we have enough money to cover the "B" level teams for baseball and softball in the spring. Thank you so much to everyone for your support! However, we have a long ways to go to fundraise enough for the 2015-2016 school year before THIS current year is over. (this has always been our goal in the past) Please continue to support our efforts, and GO REBELS!!

RBMS Upcoming Events

Coming Soon:
AA Capella Club Auditions
Our new a cappella club is best described as a music group in which singing occurs without instrumental sound. Voices are the instruments!
If you would like to audition for Reeds Brook's newest opportunity, listen for upcoming announcements in December!

Up and Running :

Art Club Returns
Tuesdays, following Thanksgiving, plan on the regular meeting of Art Club! Art Club meets in the art room (Room 219) and will finish in time for students to take the late bus home.

Fitness Club
Each Thursday after school for interested girls. Weekly activities vary based on group interest and weather. See Mrs. Carter, our school nurse, for more information.

Newspaper Reporters Sought
A school newspaper club is now up and running after school on Thursdays. Calling all 7th and 8th grade reporters! If you are interested in this new opportunity, please come to meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. in Ms. DeRaps room upstairs.

Do you enjoy Anime? Would you like to read, draw and watch anime with others who have the same interest? Then come to Anime Club now each Tuesday after school in Mrs. Hastings room from 2:00-3:00 p.m. You may take the late bus home.

Chess Club
Do you like to play chess? Would you like to learn more about chess strategy and rules? Then come to Chess Club each Thursday after school. Chess Club will be held in Mrs. Hastings room from 2:00-3:00 p.m. every Thursday. 

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