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Welcome to Reeds Brook Middle School! 

2015-16 School Year
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• Tonight! 8/27           6th Grade Orientation Night
                                                  Cafeteria 6:30 p.m.
• September 1st        First Day of School  7:35 a.m.
• September 15        School Picture Day
• September 22       7th and 8th Grade Open House
                                    and Book Fair  6:30 p.m.

RBMS Back-to-School Supply List

One sturdy three ring zipper binder
One 1 1/2" three ring binder for math
lined paper
Seven pre-punched folders of specific colors:
-dark blue for reading/language arts
-red for math
-purple for Social Studies
-green for Science
-yellow for Mod
-free choice color for Homework
-free choice color as an extra 

Zipper binder pouch for pencils, pens and erasers
Two boxes of 24 pencils (No. 2)
Basic calculator
Book Covers (2-3)

Dropping off a student?
Please watch our school drop-off video at to learn more.

Stop Bullying
Summer Office Hours:
Reeds Brook Office:  7 a.m-2 p.m. daily
Tel. 207.862.3540 - leave a message

Reeds Brook Fall Athletics

Please visit our Reeds Brook Athletics webpage for more information and updates

Current sports physicals are required to participate in tryouts. Physical forms are available at our RBMS office and were sent home with 6th and 7th graders in June.
Tryouts for soccer will be held after school begins in September.
Cross country and field hockey are both no-cut sports and will begin practices after school starts.
Football  (7th and 8th Grade) pre-season starts on Aug. 17 and will run 5-7 pm until school starts.

Sick Child or an Appointment?
Just a reminder for all parents and guardians, if your child is ill or has an appointment and will be coming into school late, please remember to give us a call at 862-3540.

Reeds Brook has an Instagram account! Our username for the Instagram account is  RBMS_Rebels

RBMS Upcoming Events

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