Parent Single Sign-On offers a number of benefits, including access to multiple students with one sign in, a personalized account for each parent and guardian, and the ability for parents to retrieve their own sign in information. Parent Single Sign-On changes the way in which parents access their students' academic records using the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

This Quick Reference Guide is designed to assist you through the process of setting up Parent Single Sign-On in PowerSchool.

"Create A Parent Account'

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A page named "Create Parent Account is available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal and is accessible via Sign In page > Create Account. This page allows parents to establish their own parent account. The first section on the page, "Create Parent Account,'is the information necessary to establish the parent's account. All fields in this section are required, and include the following

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (must be unique)
  • Desired User Name (must be unique)
  • Password
  • Re-enter Password

"Link Students to Account,'

The second section on the page, "Link Students to Account,'requires that the information for at least one student be provided, and includes the following. All fields in this section are required:

  • Student Name
  • Access ID (Provided by your child's school, use the Parent ID)
  • Access Password (Provided by your child's school, use the Parent Password)
  • Relationship

Parents may enter the information for up to seven students when initially establishing their account. If they need to add additional students they can do so after establishing the account by logging in and navigating to Account Management > Students.

NOTE: Check for Common Errors

Common data entry errors include not completing all fields, entering an email address or user name that is already associated to another account, or entering incorrect access IDs or passwords. When this occurs, parents will need to re-enter any information that was not entered correctly, and also re-enter any passwords for security reasons.

"Account Preferences'

A page named "Account Preferences' is available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal and is accessible once the parent has logged in by clicking the Account Preferences icon in the top navigation menu. This page allows parents to manage their account information, including their name, user name, account password, and email address. Parents can also add additional students to their account, provided they have the access ID and access password for any student they wish to add.