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• July 6            Extended School year sessions

Powerschool Login
June 2015
PowerSchool access is turned off through the summer as report cards are readied and schedules for the new school year prepared. Access will be back on in mid-August in time for the 7th and 8th grade students to download schedules. Grade 6 students will be mailed homeroom assignments and pick up locker assignments and class schedules in their homerooms. Please enjoy and safe and happy summer break.

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And remember, you can check attendance, grades, daily announcements, and set up automatic emails through this interactive website.

PowerSchool is an important resource for parents. Information is available there regarding grades, class work, attendance, and more. Parents can easily contact teachers and administrators with any questions or concerns. The Daily Bulletin lists current and upcoming activities. Please use this resource to check in on what's happening in your child's class and school.

Stop Bullying
Summer Office Hours:
Reeds Brook Office:  7 a.m-2 p.m. daily
Tel. 207.862.3540 - leave a message
Extended School Year is in session beginning July 6
questions or concerns? call 356-4984
Transportation questions call 862-3984
Hampden Recreation Kids' Kamp is in session (cafeteria and gym)

Cancellations due to inclement weather can happen with little warning. Please remember when school is not in session due to weather Adult Education classes will not be held.

Sick Child or an Appointment?
Just a reminder for all parents and guardians, if your child is ill or has an appointment and will be coming into school late, please remember to give us a call at 862-3540.

Reeds Brook has an Instagram account! Our username for the Instagram account is  RBMS_Rebels

Dropping off a student?
Please watch our school drop-off video at to learn more.