The Reeds Brook Rebels have a long tradition of competitive excellence and sportsmanship.We are in the Eastern Maine Middle School League (EMMSL) for soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, and softball. With the support of a very enthusiastic athletic booster organization we are proud to offer both A teams and B teams for these sports as well as Football and Cross Country teams.

From the Student Handbook regarding athletic team participation requirements:

Participation Requirements

  • RSU#22SportsPhysicalForm-(every year)
  • SignedParentAndStudentConsentAndAcknowledgmentForm*

*found on the athletics page of the Reeds Brook website

Academic Eligibility

  1. All required subjects will be used to determine eligibility for athletic participation.
  2. Eligibility is determined by Quarterly Report Cards and grades posted on the PowerSchool system. Coaches and administration will routinely review grades.
  3. Any athlete who falls below a 75 average in any class when eligibility is checked will be placed on academic probation for a 10 day period. It is the athlete’s responsibility to seek out extra help in the subjects in question. Any student athlete who remains below the 75 average in any class at the end of the 10 day period will be required to stay after school with their teachers with the intent to make up work and get extra help. For the next 5 school days the student will not be allowed to practice or play: The goal is to regain academic eligibility. Following this study period, students earning eligibility will be able to return to practices and games. If however, the athlete does not achieve the necessary 75 average in all classes, the student will be ineligible for the sport and removed from the team.

Eligibility checks will be supervised by the Athletic Director, Principal and Dean of Students.